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Why Become A Publisher?

When a person is reading an article in a blog and they are engaged by a good quality post their attention is 110% drawn into the topic of the article. What is better than an engaging article? A keyword targeted Ad next to the article that is about the same content or niche as the blog post. Why? Because they are engaged in the topic of interest. For example if they are reading about weight loss, they are DEFINITELY interested in the topic. An advertisement right next to the article about weight loss inspires the visitor to click on the Keyword Targeted Ad setting the environment for a higher probability of conversion.

Be The Difference!

The difference between blog articles and search results is with Search the internet surfer is still vague in their intent. An article is specific intent and once the user is engaged and reading for 1-2 minutes they know if they have found information they are seeking. On a search results page the intent is still unclear and conversion does not happen on search results pages. Conversions always occur after they click past search results page. However, with a blog post the user is now engaged and informed which takes them much closer to making a decision and completing a purchase.

Use FreeKii Blog Ads to display keyword targeted ads next to the user at the right time in the right place. Adverisers PREFER visitors with targeted intent.  Search traffic costs much more and hurts page ranking because users without intent bounce. Instead your blog does the work of focusing the intent and educating the user.  Once the user is primed with information from a blog article it will increase the odds of conversion.   This is when the time is right to display the Ad. Increase click through rate by attracting potential customers AFTER they know what they want.   Blog Ads increase conversions and produces better ROI for advertisers.

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